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The French baguette is famous all over the world and Le Cafe has its own reknown version of this famous bread. Developed with natural leaven and ancestral ways of fabrication, the taste and quality of our breads contribute greatly to our reputation!

Beside the baguette; the croissant is another worldwide known product revised and enhanced by “Le Cafe”. It is surrounded with a large range of traditional and more exotic products to form the big family of Viennoiseries. This delicacies also benefit from our natural ‘Levain’ and from our loving attention.

Croissant, awarded worldwide!

Made from natural raising agents, premium butter and especially selected flour, Eric Kayser Croissant has won the Best croissant of Paris in 2009, then followed by the Best Croissant of Tokyo, New York and Singapore.

We also cook fresh, on demand, all Asian, American and  healthy choices for a delightful and  all you can eat breakfast (complementary if you book directly with us). Coffees are also exceptional, thanks to our wonderful baristas and Illy coffees: a boutique micro lot roasting company that delivers freshly roasted coffee blends as well as single origin programs

Open daily from 6am to 11pm, we are very flexible so you can rest and relax.

On a sidenote, Le Cafe also serves cocktails, lunches and diners in our dedicated area, at the pool or in the garden. And for desert, please note that French pastries are the other passion of Le Cafe. Therefore, we devote the same attention as for breads to guarantee taste and freshness through daily preparation and very limited shelf lives.